Custom Wood & Wrought Iron Front Doors for Residents of Atlanta, GA & Locations Nationwide

Wooden Doors Atlanta GAToo many front doors today suffer from a lack of originality. In Atlanta, Georgia, and elsewhere, the craftsmanship of years gone by has largely been replaced by mass production, uniformity, and an all-consuming focus on the bottom line. However, Tango Doors is a front door manufacturer that bucks this unfortunate trend. Since 2003, we have been a reputable purveyor of hand-built wooden exterior doors that exude individuality and sophistication. Wooden doors from our company make an emphatic visual statement that is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve with doors sold by the vast majority of other door manufacturers. Our solid wood doors exhibit unparalleled attention to detail coupled with the durability and beauty of professionally stained hardwood. We also proudly sell custom wrought iron doors from Complex Industries, a company that shares our passion for manufacturing doors in the artisanal, old-world style.

Tango Doors – which has its manufacturing facility just outside of Atlanta, GA – promises to provide you a door that is destined to become the envy of all your neighbors. Our wooden doors, for example, are extensively customizable with regard to size, shape, stain color, and hardware. With our wide array of decorative options, any single- or double-door configuration can be elevated into a stunning architectural entry. Available options include five different styles of 5/8”-thick insulated glass, decorative iron grilles or wood muntins, and elegant accents such as speakeasies, strap hinges, and heavy-duty locks for added security. Also, Tango Doors is rare among door manufacturers in that we painstakingly hand-apply all our stains. Two coats of stain are followed by three coats of polyurethane for long-lasting protection from the elements.

Solid Wood Doors Built to Order & Installed for Discerning Homeowners throughout the Atlanta, GA, Area & Beyond

Front Doors Atlanta GABehind every custom-built door that we sell is a team of experienced professionals who unfailingly provide an excellent overall experience to each customer. Tango Doors is a family-run business that prides itself on engaging in one-on-one customer interaction. Like our front doors, you might say that our approach to customer service is a little bit old fashioned. We are conscientious communicators who arrive at work each day committed to preserving the company’s reputation as one of the preeminent custom door manufacturers in America. Our passion for building solid wood doors is perhaps only equaled by our steadfast dedication to keeping each customer happy throughout the entire process. In Atlanta, Georgia, and select other cities, we personally install the entry doors we sell to ensure the best possible look and fit. Doors that are this high-quality deserve to be installed in an impeccably professional manner. Tango Doors president and owner, Jim Lewis, is a consummate small-business owner who has a vested interest in making sure that each customer receives a high-quality finished product backed by world-class service.

For additional information about the wood and wrought iron doors that are available from Tango Doors, contact us today. We also invite you to peruse our image gallery and see for yourself what we are capable of manufacturing. Tango Doors is headquartered on the outskirts of Atlanta, GA, and proudly ships its competitively priced wood and wrought iron entry doors nationwide.