Front Doors Made by Hand for Residents of Atlanta, GA & Beyond

Front Doors Atlanta GATango Doors is a family-owned purveyor of custom wooden and wrought iron front doors that is headquartered just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. At a time when craftsmanship is rapidly disappearing, we remain committed to selling doors that are made in artisanal fashion. All of our front doors are made to order utilizing materials of the highest quality and skilled labor of a kind that has largely vanished from the door manufacturing industry.

An ever-increasing number of homes in Atlanta, GA, and elsewhere are benefiting from the front doors we sell. Unlike door manufacturers that put profit before product, Tango Doors has always been adamant in its refusal to sacrifice quality for the bottom line. Our product offerings can be broken down as follows:

  • Wood entry doors – We manufacture wood entry doors out of either Brazilian mahogany or walnut, both species that are particularly well-suited for exterior applications. After selecting a one- or two-door configuration, you will have the opportunity to mix and match various practical and decorative features such as clear or opaque glass, speakeasies, hinged iron grilles, and ornamental strap hinges.
  • Wrought iron entry doors – In addition to being a manufacturer of wooden front doors, Tango Doors proudly sells the complete line of wrought iron doors from Complex Industries. Forged iron doors from Complex Industries are hand-built by skilled artisans, invariably resulting in a door that doubles as a work of art.

Especially in comparison to the exterior doors sold by big-box retailers, our doors exhibit a noticeably higher degree of sophistication – one capable of transforming any front entry into a stunning architectural focal point.

To request more information, contact Tango Doors today. We proudly sell both wood and wrought iron front doors to discerning homeowners throughout the Atlanta, GA, area and beyond.